Carnegie Mellon University

Baseball Analytics Workshop

April 7th. Carnegie Mellon University.

Scaife Hall 125.


Limited number of tickets available for the Pirates game!

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An interactive workshop event for students and anyone interested in learning more about baseball analytics. The morning session will introduce attendees to basic data exploration techniques with the R programming language, a popular tool for data scientists and statisticians. Then lunch will feature our keynote speaker Dr. Jim Albert, Professor at Bowling Green State University and creator of the 'Exploring Baseball Data with R' blog ( During the second half, we will deep dive into PITCHf/x and Statcast data to prepare a game plan for the Pirates that night against the Reds. We will be generating visualizations that teams prepare before games, to assist in pitch selection and defensive positioning against opposing batters.

After the workshop ends we will be traveling to PNC park where we will discuss our game plan and also engage in a Q&A session with the Pittsburgh Pirates analytics staff led by Dan Fox, Director of Baseball Informatics, followed up by watching the Pittsburgh Pirates take on the Cincinnati Reds!


Jim Albert

Bowling Green State University

Statcast – The New Metrics in Baseball

Mark Patterson

Carnegie Mellon University

Ron Yurko

Carnegie Mellon University


Saturday, April 7th

Carnegie Mellon University, Scaife Hall 125

10:00 AM

An introduction to R, R Studio, with an emphasis on data manipulation and visualization tools using historical baseball data made available with popular 'Lahman' package (

12:00 PM

Lunch and Keynote Speaker Jim Albert

1:00 PM

An advanced exploration of PITCHf/x and Statcast data to create a game plan for the Pirates against the Reds

3:00 PM

Travel to PNC Park

5:30 PM

Q&A session with Dan Fox, Director of Baseball Informatics, and his analytics staff

7:00 PM

Attend Pirates game (featuring fireworks night!)